Homeowner Solar Benefits

You will enjoy the following benefits when you go solar:

Save MoneyPiggyBank Save with Solar

You can save big bucks by going solar…well, if you’re into that sort of thing.

While utility electricity rates continue to increase, your savings from going solar will continue to grow each year. You can save as much as 60% on your electricity costs over the life of your system!

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Solar AffordabilityAffordable Solar

You can finance your system with a low interest 2.99% loan, a 12 month no interest-no payment loan with $0 down or you can get a big discount by purchasing your system with cash. We offer multiple options to help make solar affordable for you.

After all, you can’t enjoy the benefits of solar if you can’t afford it.

Control Your Energy RatesFamily in Sun

Free yourself from future utility electricity rate hikes and rejoice in the sun. Colorado residential electricity prices increased 5.3% last year and utilities have signaled additional increases. You can protect yourself from future utility electricity rate hikes. By installing solar panels, you take control of your future electricity prices by locking your solar energy rates now.

Keep Colorado CleanGreen Footprint

Leave your green footprints all over Colorado. Your solar energy system will produce clean energy with zero carbon emissions that will help keep Colorado clean. The majority of your utility electricity is produced from burning coal, which is the number one carbon emitting source in the U.S. You can offset several hundred thousand pounds of carbon emissions by switching to solar. See more about solar environmental benefits.

Get a 30% Federal Tax CreditTax Credit Wide

If you purchase your system, you qualify for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the installation price. The 30% amounts to thousands of dollars of benefits for purchasing a solar energy system.

Could you use a tax credit?

RebatesXcel Rebate Check

If you purchase your system, you may qualify for additional municipality or utility rebates. While many of the rebates are no longer being offered or are being phased out, some rebates are still available.

For example, if you purchase your system and are an Xcel Energy customer, you may qualify for a rebate that pays back roughly $2,000 of your system’s cost. You can ask one of our Solar Sales Consultants to estimate your rebates.

Military DiscountHonor Military

We are a veteran owned business and we appreciate the service, dedication and sacrifice that our military members give to our country. We offer a $1,000 additional discount on solar system purchases to all active duty, reserve and veteran U.S. military members. Simply inform your Solar Sales consultant that you qualify for this discount and he/she will ensure it is applied to your quote.

Thank you for your service!

Having Backup PowerBackup Power

Many Colorado residents use pumps for well water or sewage or have other critical loads where a backup power source is essential. While the solar energy systems for most utility-connected homes do not support backup power, if you need it, we can design your solar energy system to provide backup power in the event of a utility outage.

Off the “Grid”Off Grid

If you have a home or power need in a remote location where utility electricity is not feasible, we can design and install a stand-alone solar energy system to fulfill your power needs at your remote location.

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