Our Unique Approach


Measure Twice, Cut Once

We will review your utility invoices. We will also measure your actual usage to determine source, timing, duration and efficiency of your peak loads. This helps validate the proposed solutions and business case.

Look for Low Hanging Fruit First

We will conduct a basic energy audit to identify candidate energy efficiency measures to include no/low cost operating changes. These efforts allow us to maximize your return on investment.

commercial install

Size Solar to Meet Your Needs

We mitigate unnecessary solar capital expense by sizing the solar energy system to your new, expected usage after reductions from the above energy efficiency measures.

We Walk the Talk

We employ NABCEP certified installers and partner with premier solar manufacturers and suppliers to deliver your solutions in a high quality, expeditious manner to outperform your expectations.

Guaranteed to last

Our manufacturers provide industry-leading 25 year performance warranties on the solar modules.