Solar Benefits for your Business

Save Money. You can save more than 60% on your business’ electricity costs with typical purchase payback periods in Colorado of 5-8 years on your investment. Our unique approach is focused on optimizing your return on investment by identifying and implementing low cost energy efficiency measures in conjunction with your solar system installation.

Help the Environment and Improve Your Company’s Image. Your business’ solar energy system will produce clean energy with zero carbon emissions that will help keep Colorado clean. Consumers increasingly demand that the companies they do business with have a positive impact on their community, including the environment. Going solar clearly demonstrates that your business is committed to environmental responsibility.

Control Your Energy Rates. Colorado commercial electricity prices increased 7.2% last year and utilities have signaled additional increases. You can protect your business from these future electricity rate hikes. By installing solar panels, your business can take control of future electricity prices by locking its solar energy rates now.

Flexible Financing Options. Whether your company decides to purchase a solar system outright or to buy solar power on a monthly basis, multiple financing options are available to help make solar affordable for your business.

Tax Benefits and Rebates: If your business purchases a solar system, you may qualify for the following additional incentives:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides businesses with a 30% federal tax credit on solar equipment and installation costs. If the tax credit exceeds the business’ first year tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward for additional years.
  • Depreciation. Under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) method of depreciation, your business may deduct the cost of its solar energy system over five years, reducing your business’ tax liability and accelerating the rate of return on your solar investment. If the 30% Investment Tax Credit is claimed as well, the business must reduce the depreciable basis to 85 percent of the solar equipment and installation costs.
  • Rebates. Some utilities and municipalities offer rebates on solar installations. Call us for a quote and we will identify if your company qualifies for these rebates and, if so, estimate the rebate amount.

  • Backup Power. Your business may have critical loads where backup power is essential to ensure no business production is lost or services are always available to customers. Solar panels can be used in conjunction with batteries and generators to provide commercial backup power in the event of a utility outage to mitigate any impacts to your business.