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Solar Power Pros is a locally owned business serving all of central Colorado. We use high quality, high efficiency solar panels that allow you to maximize your solar energy production. If you’re ready to start saving and make the switch to solar, fill out the form below for an estimate.


Why Us?

Local to Denver Colorado

We’re Local

We are based in Centennial, CO and are actively involved in giving back to our local community. Buying local helps fuel new employment and job opportunities for people within our community and helps keep money circulating within our local economy. Whenever you need us, we are close by and able to respond quickly to your needs.

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High Quality Solar Panels

We use high quality, high efficient solar panels. Our panels allow you to pack more power on your roof than regular solar panels which allows you to create more solar energy and save more money.

American Flag

Veteran Owned

We are a veteran-owned business and we appreciate the service, dedication, and sacrifice that our military members give to our country. We offer up to a $1,000 additional discount on solar system purchases to all active duty, reserve and veteran U.S. military members. This discount is also applicable to firefighters, emergency responders, EMTs, and teachers. Simply inform your Energy Consultant that you qualify for this discount and he/she will ensure it is applied to your quote. Thank you for your service!

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Why Go Solar?


Solar pricing has decreased dramatically over the past decade. In addition, there are federal tax credits and rebates you may qualify for to help offset the upfront costs. Once you own your solar system you save on energy costs each month.

Save Money

You can save big bucks by going solar. Colorado residential utility electricity rates have increased more than 65% over the last 15 years and continue to rise. When you purchase a solar system with us, your solar payments will not increase over time and when you are done paying for your system, you won’t make any payments for your solar energy.


Your solar energy system will produce clean energy with zero carbon emissions that will help keep Colorado clean. The majority of your utility electricity is produced from burning coal, which is the number one carbon emitting source in the U.S. You can offset several hundred thousand pounds of carbon emissions by switching to solar.

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